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In Honor of our Centennial…

From the influenza epidemic of post-war San Antonio in 1918 to the city-wide Tricentennial celebration of 2018, four generations of the Loring family have led Porter Loring Mortuaries in caring for San Antonio community in sickness and in health for 100 years.   This tradition of caring for our fellow San Antonians has been a part of Porter Loring Mortuaries since the doors opened at our first location on Jefferson Street in 1918, and the foundation of our work that will carry us into the next century.


In fact, as we poured over our extensive archives, we came across an actual full newspaper from September 1918 – four months after our doors opened for the very first time. In that very newspaper I came across one of our first advertisements! Most of the articles we found detailed the funeral home’s collaboration with and support of the community, generation after generation.

In brainstorming ideas for our 100th anniversary, we had a few goals in mind: we knew we somehow wanted to give back to the community; we knew we wanted to incorporate as much of our history as possible; and, we knew we wanted to make sure every facet of the year embraces the standard of operations Porter Loring, Sr., envisioned for his funeral home: professionalism, care, humbleness, and respect to all.

Therefore, we decided for our centennial year we would honor two community partners, not only for the vast amount of good they do in and for our community, but also for the long-standing relationships we have with each of them.  We selected The Children’s Bereavement Center of South Texas and the Boys & Girls Club of San Antonio, an affiliate of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America as our Centennial Charitable Honorees because each exemplifies the legacy in their collective work, words and actions on behalf of those they serve.

Uniting the Past with the Future


Porter Loring, Sr., served as the first president of the Boys & Girls Club of San Antonio when it opened in 1939 under The Boys Club of America designation. The mission of the organization is the same today as it was in its earliest establishment: to inspire youth to achieve their full potential in a safe, positive and engaging environment that promotes education, health and character development


The Children’s Bereavement Center of South Texas (CBCST) provides a safe environment in which to foster healing for grieving children and youth, their families, and the community through a variety of outreach programs and services.  Rising generations of the Loring family embrace Porter Loring, Sr.’s model of community advocacy through their commitment to the CBCST since its inception in 1997.  Paula Loring has been closely involved with the organization, inspiring its mission as a valued member of the Center’s Advisory Board. Porter Loring Mortuaries also refers many of the families we assist to the Children’s Bereavement Center for continued care when children are involved.

Original Ideals Spur Future Growth

As we move into the next 100 years, we at Porter Loring Mortuaries’ have refined and expanded our scope of services over the years to better assist families’ ever-changing personal needs and social customs. Advanced planning and personalized funeral arrangements provide avenues for practical and meaningful remembrances.


The recent addition of Penelope, a hypoallergenic Lagotto Romagnolo puppy, offers uplifting emotional and physical encouragement to families and children in times of grief.  Porter Loring Family Care Services offers bereavement support programs for Porter Loring families, as well as the entire San Antonio community, to help navigate the challenges that follow the loss of a loved one.   The Community Liaison program provides educational opportunities for the larger health care community and churches throughout the year.  While new ways of comfort and meaning are a response to change, all demonstrate the original vision of respect for the families served at Porter Loring Mortuaries.

We value the rich history we have with our community partners, our employee family – both past and present – and the families in and around San Antonio we have had the privilege to serve. And we look forward to the numerous ways we can work together in caring for future generations.  After all, we fully intend to continue our tradition of caring as we begin our second century of serving the people of San Antonio.

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